Dear Giant Fan:

Well, all you can say after this one is that it’s been quite a season so far. For as euphoric as the Broncos win was, this loss was just as painful, the second bitter, Sunday-ruining loss in the past three games.

But as painful as this loss was, it wasn’t discouraging. Clearly we are a better team than the 9-2 Seahawks: We outgained them 490-355, and had 25 First Downs to their 17. When it counted, we were consistently able to move the ball, and our defense valiantly stopped the Seahawks time and again. I am proud of the way we came up big in big situations, and gave ourselves the chance to beat an 8-2 team in their place. Actually, we gave ourselves three chances. I hope we see this team down the road.

The game ended around three hours from this writing, and my homicidal rage at one Jay Feely has somewhat subsided. And while I still feel worse for myself for what he put me through than I do for him, he’s gonna be with us for a number of years so we probably should give him a mulligan on this one. But I sure didn’t like the look on his face when he missed that first Field Goal; in fact, every camera-shot of Feely was discouraging, so that the unfolding of the choke-job wasn’t all that surprising. The 54-yard miss was forgivable, I guess, (although Goose’s obnoxious interjectory “That’s Short!� wasn’t), but being short on the 45-yarder clinched the performance as an all-time gagger. I wish I can say that I hope that he gets the chance to redeem himself, but on the other hand, I’m not sure I want our season to come down to this guy. And I think I speak for all Giants fans expressing misgivings that we’ve just handed the kicking keys to this guy for the foreseeable future.

But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think it’s important to point out that that the Giants have been on the positive end of missed Field Goal karma through the years, and that today’s loss wasn’t the worst way to even the score a little bit in this department. Everyone remembers Norwood, but reading David Halberstam’s The Education of a Coach reminded me of Rich Karlis’ barefooted miss shortly before the half in Super Bowl XXI, which left the Giants unscathed after a goal-line stand and swung the momentum of the game in their favor. Also, David Akers’ missed chip shot in the final game of 2002 enabled us to get into the playoffs in a truly glorious game that was sadly overshadowed by our painful loss to the 49ers the next week.

This game is definitely a bummer for the ages, but it wasn’t devastating, and despite losing two of our last three in such painful fashion, things are still looking up in Giant-land. While this hurts us in terms of home-field advantage in the playoffs, it very well might not hurt our chances of winning the East and actually making the playoffs. We have the ‘Boys at the Meadowlands next week. If we win, we’re in great shape, and if we don’t….well, in the words of Wayne Campbell, “It wasn’t meant to be.�

Keep Your Chins Up G-Men Fans,

Willie Beamon
Special Teams Demon