Excellent breakdown on tiebreaking scenarios by my brother. It basically breaks down our tiebreaker status vis a vis (as Tavis Smiley would say) Carolina. As far as the Bears go, they’re ahead of both teams tiebreaker-wise, so we need to hope they lose to the Falcolns tonight:

Yo, here’s how the tiebreakers with the Panthers breaks down:If both Carolina and the G-Men win out, they’ll both finish 9-3 in the conference, so it’ll go to record against common opponents, which are Minnesota, New Orleans, Dallas, and Arizona. We’re 3-2 against those teams — they are 3-1 right now and this is assuming they beat Dallas next week to go 4-1, so we’ll lose the tiebreaker.

We’re in a better position for the tiebreaker if we both lose next week and then both win in week 17 — then common opponents would be tied at 3-2 and it would go to “strength of victory.” Which is retarded because clearly strength of schedule should matter more — they lost to the Fish and Aints. Right now, we’re slightly ahead in strength of victory.

If we finish tied because we lost to the Raiders and they lost one of their two games (‘Boys and Falcons), or because we lose both and they lose both, we’ll get the tiebreaker on conference record. Of course, if that happens, and the Skins beat the Eagles in Week 17, they’ll win the division.