There’s really no more helpless a feeling than not being able to watch the Giants. I would know: I went to college in Minnesota before DirecTV was as ubiquitous as it is today and was forced to rely on newspapers and Prime Time for about half the games. Pretty frustrating. But in the age of DirecTV, nobody should have to miss the G-Men because they don’t have access to the telecast. And whenever possible, Giants fans should watch with other Giants fans: there’s nothing worse than being sidetracked by some dude with a half-assed interest in the game who knows or cares absolutely nothing about Big Blue.

With this in mind, one of the goals of NYGMen is to bring the community of Giants fans together. Whether you’re traveling for work, visiting in-laws, or simply fleeing from law enforcement, we want to make sure that come Sunday, you’ll have a safe, friendly place to watch your G-Men. So if you know of a Giants bar, please drop me a line and we can spread the word. Hopefully, we can develop a nation-wide network of Giants-friendly zones.