A little late on the Daily Roundup reading today, so tide yourselves over with the following YouTube clips.

  • Because of his quad injury, Sinorice Moss has become somewhat of a forgotten man. But check out this Kiper-narrated ESPN draft profile on him. His coordination, body-control, and quicks are pretty ridiculous. Don’t forget about this guy…
  • I think these clips are relatively new to YouTube – at least I haven’t noticed them before. Here’s CBS’ intro to the 1990 championship game, back in the pre-Fox days when these things weren’t completely overproduced and disorienting. I used to get into these intros – maybe it’s just because I was younger and less cynical, but I also think it’s because they were just better.
  • And here’s Roger Craig’s fumble, one of the least talked about Hallelujah moments in Giants history. Everyone talks about Norwood’s missed field goal as the biggest opponent-mistake that year, but if you think about it, missing a 47-yard field goal on grass is not nearly as egregious as fumbling the ball when all that you need to do in that situation is… not fumble the ball. Especially for Roger Craig, an otherwise great player.
  • Now obviously, the play was really Eric Howard’s, but how in the world was LT there? I’m not a Yankees fan, but LT’s being there was kind of similar to Jeter’s cutting across the infield to corral that wayward throw in that 2001(?) playoff game against Oakland, when he did the back-hand flip to nail Jeremy Giambi at the plate. It was one of those moments when you simultaneously think “How in the world was he there?” and “But of course he was there. Leave it to him to be there.”
  • And Bahr’s field goal. Amazing how off-line this looked off the foot. Also amazing how shocked Candlestick is after he hits it. There’s really nothing more rewarding than a shocking road win, when the home stadium is in stunned silence and the only sounds you hear are the visiting Giants celebrating.
  • And Norwood’s missed field goal. The Bills are also utterly shocked — check out Kelly and Levy. There’s no other word for it. Nobody thought it would be the Giants that year.