Big Blue moves to 3-0 on the preseason. I need to catch an Amtrak to Massachusetts for my grandmother’s 88th birthday party (happy birthday Nanny!), so I can only talk about the offense here – defense and special teams coming soon. Ok, onto the observations:

–Eli did not look good. He made a horrendous pass to Plaxico on third down of the second series, sailing the ball over his head by about twenty feet – I don’t know if this happened because of the pass itself or the result of a miscommunication between Eli and Plax.

A couple of series’ later, Eli made an even worse pass to Plax. Plax was running horizontally across the field, and Eli basically just threw it behind him by a good 10 yards, resulting in an interception.

On another play, the 2nd and Goal from the Jets 8, Eli threw a bad ball behind Amani, leaving him to get absolutely popped by the Justin Miller. The Giants were bailed out when Miller got called for taunting (which seemed like a ridiculous call, by the way), but the bad pass was big at the time.

The commentator kept talking about his mechanics, and how it was his sloppy footwork that was resulting in his bad throws. This is something to keep an eye on: At this stage of his career, are Eli’s mechanics consistent enough for him to be a top-flight quarterback?

To his credit, though, Eli did bounce back, and was making some pretty nice throws at the end of the half. If he had played four quarters, we might be talking about how his straightening himself out shows that he’s arrived.

He finished 10 for 20, for 107 yards and 5.4 yards per attempt. Overall, not great from Eli, but not something to worry too much about.

–Plax had a terrible game. He nearly fumbled the ball on the first possession on a play that was ultimately ruled incomplete – he seemed a little casual about tucking the ball into a running position after he caught it, which is something that I’ve noticed before. He also committed two personal fouls for his game-long beef with Justin Miller. Come on, Plax. We need you to be smart.

–The offensive line, on the other hand, looked terrific, especially in pass protection. It seemed like the Jets were dropping a lot of their guys into coverage, but the O-Line gave Eli all kinds of time. In the running game, they made way for Tiki to have a vintage Tiki game.

What’s especially encouraging about this is that the line was able to put this performance together with two starters out of action. Grey Ruegamer started in place of Shaun O’Hara, and Bob Whitfield started in place of Luke Petitgout. Going into the season, it looks like our O-Line is solid and deep.

–Good to see Tiki back to his old tricks. Hopefully, these will be YouTubed at some point, but he made some pretty sweet runs, including a counter that he bounced outside to the left and took for 20 yards. There’s not too much more to say about this guy at this point. Just sit back and enjoy another – and maybe the last – season of the greatest offensive player in Giants history.

–Tim Carter was impressive again, finishing with 4 catches for 34 yards. As has become his M.O., he was able to back defenders off with his amazing speed and then come back for the ball on come-backs. He also made a really nice grab on an out pattern. I’m going to say something here, so pay attention: If he stays healthy, Tim Carter might be the best receiver on our team.

–Part of the reason why this is so is because Amani Toomer seems to have lost quite a bit of speed at this point. There was a play on the Giants third series where Eli tried to hit Amani over the deep middle on a deep post. But the defender was with him stride for stride, and Amani couldn’t come close to catching up to Eli’s lead pass. To his credit, Amani has worked hard at turning himself into a possession guy – he made a really nice play on the Giants first touchdown drive when he caught a little out and danced his way over the first-down marker.

–Brandon Jacobs didn’t look so great. I appreciate the fact that he’s trying to run low, but it seems like he often commits himself to running low and hard at the expense of his natural running style and maneuverability – “pressing X in Madden,” as my friend Wong puts it. He’ll get better, no question, but he still needs work.

Ok – I have to go now, but observations on the defense and special teams coming soon.