Obviously, a very encouraging performance by the Giants D, who did not allow a point to the Jets and held them to 184 yards of total offense and 9 first downs. Granted, it was the Jets, but still.

Also, how annoying was CBS’ Jets-based coverage? By my count, they made three mistakes when announcing the starting lineup, saying that Joseph, Short, and McQuarters were starting when it was actually Cofield, Wilkinson, and Madison.

Ok, some observations:

–Will Demps was impressive. On one play on the Jets second series, he hustled up into run support and laid a lick on Kevan Barlow, but neglected to wrap up and wound up missing the tackle. He learned from his mistake later in the series when he drilled Barlow down low and forced a fumble. In my analysis of the run defense I somehow neglected to mention our safeties, who are just about as good a run-support group as you’re going to find. Gibril and Demps are two tough guys who don’t mind sticking their nose in there.

–Speaking of Gibril, he had a beautifully timed blitz on the Jets first series, shooting the gap and getting to Pennington before he could even complete his drop. He made some other nice plays during the night as well. The aggressiveness and athleticism of the Giants D is very exciting.

–The corners also looked good. Except for one 40-yard play in which Corey Webster found himself in single coverage with Justin McCareins with about half the field to cover, the Giants did a great job containing the pass. Overall, Pennington went 11/20 for 125 yards, averaging 6.3 yards per attempt. If you take that one play away, that would have been 10/19 for 85 yards and a paltry 4.7 yards per attempt. (Give credit to Corey Webster for preventing that play from being even worse than it was. He was caught in a really impossible position.)

Sam Madison had a good night. He did a good job keeping things in front of him and making tackles for short gains. On the Jets third series on 3rd and 3, he closed aggressively on Doug Jolley and was able to ride him out of bounds before Jolley got to the first down marker. (He then goaded Jolley into committing a personal foul.) It hasn’t been the best camp for Madison, who got off to a rough start, got a little too much negative press about his rough start, and then tweaked him hamstring. Good to see an effort like his last night.

RW looked really good in nickel coverage, and on the first series of the second half, did a nice job jumping a Pennington pass for an interception.

–How good did Brandon Short look?! This guy was clearly playing with a fire lit under his ass. He made a couple of good stops, had a big sack, and was generally everywhere.

–Chase Blackburn looked very good too. Of course, Short and Blackburn were playing against the Jets second string offense, so their play has to be judged accordingly.

–Gerris Wilkinson, on the other hand, didn’t look so great. He was a little overzealous at times. On the second series, he was caught biting on a play action and lost BJ Askew out of the flat for what turned out to be a 10-yard gain. There was another play – I can’t really remember the specifics – where he looked a little slow getting wide, and was out of position as a result. With Wilkinson got the start, Colonel Tom was hoping that he would step up and seize that weakside linebacker job and therefore make either Short or Emmons expendable. Instead, for the first time all camp, he looked like a rookie. Now it’s anybody’s guess what will happen at that position.

–Antonio Pierce was vintage Antonio Pierce. The guy can ball. At the end of the first quarter, on a 3rd and 1 from the Giants 28, Pierce aggressively shot a gap and stuffed Derrick Blaylock for no gain. The Jets looked like they would go for it on 4th down, but D’Brickashaw Ferguson jumped off-sides and forced his team to punt.

–The first unit special teams looked decent. Feely connected easily on field goals of 39 and 33 yards. Feagles had a middling performance. It was obviously unacceptable when Travis Dorsch’s punt got blocked – It seemed like the long-snapper (Was it Kuehl?) just completely missed his assignment. I’m sure that Colonel Tom was pissed, but it doesn’t exactly worry me going forward.