A perfect preseason for the G-Men. As everyone reading this blog will have surely heard by now, the last time this happened was in 1990. Some observations on last night:

–Brandon Jacobs was the big story, rushing for 130 yards on 15 carries, including a 57 yard touchdown run where he decisively cut through a seam, made a nifty move to avoid the oncoming safety, and was gone. Even if you take away the 57 yarder, Jacobs’ night still looks good: 73 yards on 14 carries for an average of 5.2 yards.

I was glad that Colonel Tom left him in and let him accumulate some confidence. A guy like Jacobs needs to run decisively if he is going to be effective – if he is tentative and not running at full-speed, he presents an easy target to defenders, regardless of how big he is.

Of course he’s powerful, but not in a Mike Alstott, low-gear, drive-the-pile type of way. Because he runs high, he needs a head of steam for his power to take effect, so his confidence and timing for hitting holes becomes very important.

But when his timing is on, and he’s hitting the holes with authority… he’s pretty hard to stop. He also did a really nice job catching balls out of the backfield. Hopefully, a performance like last night’s will put to rest the practice of pigeonholing Jacobs as a short-yardage/goal line guy, which just might be the worst part of his game.

–In limited action, Eli looked very good, going 4/5 for 35 yards. Carl Banks pointed out a nice check-down that he made to hit Jacobs in the flat, a good sign.

–The Hefty Lefty solidified his status as the backup quarterback, which every Giants fan has to be happy about. Who in the world hasn’t liked this guy since he was wearing #22 at Kentucky? Everything looks good with Lorenzen except for one thing: his touch. He threw a pretty awful timing route to Tim Carter on a third down play from the eleven yard line, and has made some other bad throws (like when he missed a wide open Darcy Johnson against the Jets) when a little finesse was all it took. Maybe it’s just nerves. At any rate, congratulations to the Hefty Lefty for winning the job.

–How good a preseason has Justin Tuck had? The guy is everywhere. I don’t know if Carl Banks misspoke or was just under the complete wrong impression, but he mentioned that Tuck was always known as a guy who could stop the run but wasn’t much of a pass rusher. Actually, the opposite is true, but he did a really good job last night stopping the run. With the emergence of Kiwanuka, it’s easy to overlook Tuck, but this guy is awesome.

–Jonas Seawright, who went from one of the most-discussed players to least-discussed players, played well at the backup nose last night. The guy is huge and strong, and should be able to hold his ground.

–The first unit pass D didn’t look so good, letting Matt Cassel look like Tom Brady. I didn’t really pick up so much on why this happened, and obviously, the sample size was small.

–And obviously, with the second up-the-middle block in as many games, the field goal and punting teams are a concern. I don’t know what the personnel was like on these plays and if it bears any resemblance to the personnel on our regular special-teams units, but this can’t happen. The Giants special teams were excellent last year (2nd in the NFL with a 4.4% DVOA), and they need to remain good if we are going to remain at the top of our extremely difficult division.