Watching Arrington on every play of the Giants victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday showed that he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing in pass coverage, has lost that blend of speed and power that once made him a terror as a pass rusher, and generally looks washed up at the age of 28.

Yeesh. He then proceeds to spend the whole article detailing LaVar’s every mistake: blown coverages, getting absorbed by blockers, ineffectual pass rushes, and general lackluster play. Is it the knee? Is it his discomfort in Tim Lewis’ read and react system? Either way, Smith has all but written LaVar off after two games with the Giants: “Unless he improves dramatically as this season wears on, he shouldn’t be back with the Giants next year.”

It’s certainly not good that this was the assessment of a guy who watched LaVar on every single play of that game, but let’s not forget, this is LaVar’s second game in an unfamiliar system and he is still getting his bearings after the many knee problems. At this point, I’m gonna give it more time before declaring that his incredible athleticism has just upped and vanished. And as comment #43 points out (yes, you have to scroll down that far to find someone who isn’t eating up the LaVar bashing), because the Giants haven’t blitzed much this year, LaVar hasn’t gotten the chance to showcase his best attribute.

Also, I have since seen one of the plays that Smith describes – when he supposedly “pulls up” and lets Madison do the tackling – and completely disagree with his assessment. He pulled up to cut off the cutback option, not because he wasn’t hustling. So there.

Keep Smith’s points in mind, but I’d like to think that the rumors of LaVar’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Either way, it’s certainly an article worth reading.