Haaaahhhh!!!! That’s what I’m talking about.

You know, why the G-Men get no respect is beyond me. I don’t know if it’s the plain blue and white jerseys, the stodgy tradition, or simple New York hatred, but no one wants to give Big Blue any love.

To wit: My Eagle-fan co-worker told me today that he was actually rooting for the Giants tonight. His rationale? He perceived the Cowboys as the bigger threat to Eagle supremacy in the NFC East.

Yeah… We were supposed to be allied tonight. “Rooting for the Giants, right??” The dude actually fronted like he was forging an alliance with me.

Well, no takers. How quickly people dismiss the Giants’ division title last year! How quickly people forget that coming into this game, we had beaten two teams in our division twice, plus one of the better teams in the conference! That our only losses were to the Colts, one of the consensus best teams in the league (who, by the way, we outplayed) and the Seahwaks, last year’s NFC Champions!

Coming into this game, the Cowboys had recorded wins over the Redskins, Titans, and Texans. Their most impressive win? The Redskins.

Coming into this game, the G-Men had recorded wins over the Eagles, Redskins, and Falcons. Their least impressive win? The Redskins.

So…um… It kind of… um… defied logic to think that the Cowboys were a better team than the Giants coming into this game. It was hard to say this to my co-worker, who delivered his thoughts as a shit-talking parting-shot as he left the office for the day.

But thankfully, the G-Men took it upon themselves to prove my point tonight, in pretty dominating fashion, no less. At this point, is there really a case for any of the other teams in the NFC East? I mean, we’ve beaten both the Eagles and Cowboys in their own places.  Oh, you don’t trust our win over the Eagles because we came back in miracle fashion? Well, we dominated a team (the Cowboys) in their place that the Eagles at trouble with at home.

At 4-2, we’ve survived an early-season gauntlet to find ourselves in first place. Having beaten the top two teams in our division on the road, we have the tie-breakers in our favor. I ask you, fellow Bleeders of Big Blue: Could you really have asked for anything more?

A assumed vacation awaits us, with home games against Tampa Bay and Houston. But I’m wary about the Tampa game, which has the makings of a classic trap game. Yes, they’re 2-4, but this isn’t a bad team.

Consistency has always been the big issue with Colonel Tom’s Giants. We know they have the talent, but will they actually show up on Sunday and play well? Next Sunday will be a test. It’s a short week against a dangerous team. Go Giants!!