Yes, we caught a break on Plax’s TD when Roy Williams tripped over the out-of-position ref, but look at it this way: Plax had completely beaten the corner assigned to him, so even if Williams didn’t fall down it would have been a leap ‘n’ snare contest between Williams and Plax. Plax looked like he had a bead on that ball, so I like our chances on that one.

Speaking of Plax and jump-balls, the play that resulted in Anthony Henry’s pick of Eli was weird. Judging by Plax’s reaction after the play, I was convinced that he had been interfered with, and was surprised to hear Joe Theisman point out that yes, there had been a blatant pass interference… on Plax.

Seeing as he wasn’t interfered with, you have to wonder why Plax didn’t make a better effort on that ball. Strangely, what he did on the play was push Anthony Henry to the spot where the ball was gonna be – where he should have been.

But as Theisman – who I actually found myself appreciating last night for the first time – pointed out, Plax didn’t get such a good read on the ball. Like Roger Cedeno, he misjudged it, which brings up that fact that Plax sometimes isn’t as good at tracking balls in mid-air as you would want him to be.

Now, obviously, a lot of his game is predicated on going up and getting it, and all in all, he’s pretty good at locating the ball, positioning his body, and snaring it. But considering his freakish physical tools, it is his inconsistency in judging balls that prevents him from being an all-world, superstar receiver. (That and his occasional concentration lapses.) Instead, he is merely a very good one.



If this is truly the start of the Tony Roma era, then on behalf of all Giants fans, let me say, “We’ll miss you Drew.” As Joe Theisman said last night, “The Giants know that Drew is not a very mobile individual.” So long, Great Sitting Duck: We’ll miss your stiff-as-a-board, unathletic posture and untimely interceptions.



Like everyone else in the world, I do not understand the “open-palm”/”empty hand” rule. What that play actually a fumble? I don’t know, because I don’t even know what the rule means. Good job by the broadcasting crew, especially Theisman, pointing that one out.



It’s obviously really too bad about LaVar. Just when he was showing flashes of the ol’ self (that tipped pass on the flea-flicker was huge!), he is lost for the year. This leaves us without two of our original starting linebackers – LaVar and Emmons, and means that Reggie Torbor moves in to start at the strong side. (At least I think. We’d all like to see Gerris Wilkinson step in there, though Torbor stepped in for LaVar against Dallas. We’ll see how Colonel Tom plays it during practice this week.)

Thank God we addressed linebacker depth during the off-season by signing Short and drafting Wilkinson, although it is a little alarming to lose two guys so soon. I agree with Cody’s point in the comments section that since LaVar hadn’t really done much yet, it’s not as if we’re really “losing” anything.

The one linebacker that we can’t afford to lose is Pierce. He has been playing well and is indispensable, and while Chase Blackburn is competent, he’s a massive drop-off from Pierce.

Ok, more thoughts to come…