Some YouTube highlights, courtesy of some dedicated YouTubers. Thanks fellas!

A few thoughts:

1) How huge was T.O.’s drop? He makes that catch and the Cowboys have 1st and 10 at around the 20, with an excellent chance to score and cut the Giants lead to 19-14. Instead, he drops it, the Giants take over in good field position, march down the field for a touchdown. It wasn’t until the drive after that where T.O. got his touchdown, and did that ridiculous tennis forehand and backhand thing. (It took me awhile to figure out what, exactly, he was doing. At first, I thought that he was miming a domestic violence scene.) 

2) How fast is Kevin Dockery? Holy shit. Romo, who is actually a pretty fast guy, took about the widest angle possible, but Dockery dusted him to the spot.

3) Seeing this highlight package made it clear how ridiculous Strahan’s game was. I had forgotten that it was he that had tipped the pass that Pierce picked off at the beginning of the second half. Huge play. Also, how good is Strahan at crashing down on the back-side of the line in pursuit and cutting off running plays? Announcers always talk about what a great run-stopper is, and they’re right, but really it’s this play that distinguishes him. I’ve never seen anyone make so many tackles like that!

4) Eli’s stats didn’t look great: He went 12-26 for 189 yards, with a touchdown and two picks. His rating, however, was a very respectable 80.4. Eli’s accuracy remains a source of concern, but it seems like he’s doing a really good job finding the open man. Of course it’s hard to tell without the “all 22” camera, but just watching him in the pocket and then watching the results, he looks like he’s really getting better in this area, which is more than half the battle for a quarterback.