It looks like Osi’s gonna miss Sunday’s game. We’ll see about Tuck, but hopefully, he can go — so far this year, the only way to make Grossman have a bad game is to put pressure on him (Cardinals game, Dolphins game). But let’s take a moment here to shout out Kiwanuka, or as I prefer to call him, “’Nuke.” (‘Nuke is just a far superior name to “Kiwi,” which sounds effeminate from the moment it leaves the lips. Not only does it speak of swift and complete destruction, but it also echoes the greatest nickname ever created when Annie Savoy told Ebbie Calvin LaLoosh, “Honey, you need a nickname.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bull Durham, that reference went completely over your head.)

But anyway, on the subject of ‘Nuke, here’s what Mike Garafolo had to say about him when he presented him with a Star-Ledger game ball after last Sunday’s game:

“Kiwanuka gets a game ball for making seven tackles – including a few from behind on stretch runs by the Texans. If he doesn’t make those stops, Houston would have had a lot more yards on the ground. Kiwanuka looked like Strahan on those plays – closing down the line to make an ankle tackle. The Giants will need more of that with Strahan out of action.”

So get up in there, Rook! ‘Nuke will be a key player this year. Let’s see what the man can do.