I intentionally stalled a little before writing this post, figuring that my anger/ disappointment would abate somewhat so that I could approach this with some degree of lucidity. But no such luck. It’s late, I’m pissed, and it’s hard to imagine how I’m gonna shake this off in time to get to sleep at the much celebrated “reasonable hour.”

By tomorrow, you’ll be reading this at work, semi-refreshed, having slept on this disgraceful performance and put it in a more healthy perspective than the one I have now. There will probably be people, things, and tasks in your office that are bothering you more than Eli’s 19-41, 2 interception performance, which is actually a very flattering representation of his night.

For the sixth game in a row, the guy was bad. But tonight was the worst of them all – indeed, this was as bad as I can remember seeing a quarterback play. And because he was under so much scrutiny this week, tonight’s performance was particularly disappointing. In a big spot, in a big game, when he was under the microscope, Eli wilted.

But does this make him a wilter? No. Please, let’s hold off on those types of character assassinations. After all, we know from his track record of 4th quarter performances that they guy has a certain degree of mental fortitude.

But right now Elisha is lost – in terms of mechanics, confidence, and the trust of his teammates (who all seemed to be getting progressively more pissed over the course of the night). At this point, it’s fair to say that Eli is single-handedly dragging the offense down. None of the Giants will say this in any press conference, but the fact is, the pass protection was just fine tonight and the receivers didn’t drop any passes. Obviously, the running game struggled, which is a mitigating factor, but if Eli had even an average game, the Giants would have been firmly in the game (which, weirdly, they actually were until about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, when Eli threw that unconscionable pick to that linebacker Ingram, who was camped in front of Plax, and then the Jags kicked a field goal to go up by 16.)

But as it happened, Eli continued to bury them, and they wound up pretty much getting blown out. The 26-10 score doesn’t do justice to the degree of ass-whoopage that took place. And because the Giants accumulated a good deal of garbage-time yards, the end-of-game stats don’t really either. But anyway, on the night, the Jags had 414 yards to our 247. They had only 1 turnover (the Taylor play, which, like, really should have been a touchdown!) to our 3 (which were all very well-deserved, and infuriating). Most telling of all, they had the ball for 40 minutes to our 20. That’s like some Super Bowl XXV shit! But alas, with the way Eli has been playing, we, umm… don’t have that old Bills offense.

Ok, I’m done for now. I’ll have more to say tomorrow. Bad loss. This type of effort will not do.