“I don’t have the words to talk about it right now, and I probably won’t when I see it [on film]. We’re going to be sick about this one forever.”

-Tom Coughlin

“A new low!”

-Donald “Boon” Schoenstein


And you thought you were pissed after the Bears and Jaguars games. But are you even pissed? Is that the right word? Stunned is more like it for me. I think my anger peaked when Young hit Brandon Jones on the slant for the 14-yard touchdown to tie the game. After that play, I can’t say I was surprised or even upset about anything that happened. The dominoes had already started to topple – even if Eli doesn’t throw his latest unconscionable pick, was there any way that we win that game in OT? And even if we had won that game in OT, would you as a Giant fan have actually felt good about it?

In a way, I think it’s actually better that we lost. Bironas’ kick was a swift enough coup de grace. The game ended in a Giants loss, as it should have.


In terms of awful Giants losses during my career, this ranks number 3 on the list, behind only 1) The 49ers loss in the 2002 playoffs; and 2) The Vikings loss in the ’97 playoffs.

The only reason that this isn’t number 1 is because the circumstances weren’t as critical. But in terms of an actual game, this is the most improbably awful chain of events. But the fact that, for better or worse, there will be more Giant football this year and that we can right this ship (at least, like, theoretically), makes it a little easier to swallow this loss. But not really. I am stunned.