–Chris Snee and Shaun O’Hara were back practicing yesterday, and even though they’re still listed as questionable, we can be reasonably sure that they’ll play in Sunday’s game. Rich Seubert is out though.

I think it was either Bob Papa or Carl Banks who made the point that losing O’Hara before playing Jim Johnson’s aggressive, schemey, blitzing defense came at the worst possible time. Good call. I mean, we don’t know if Seubert missed any assignment or blew any calls, but it’s an interesting thought.

Brandon Jacobs was back in practice as well, and even though he’s listed as questionable, he should be available also.

And of, course, Strahan should be back too, though Antonio Pierce says he doesn’t having him out there will make that much of a difference: “I don’t think he’s going to be able to play a full game. We just want Mike to be out there to help us out, whether it’s third down, 20 plays, that would be good. Kind of like we did with Osi.”

Also, Corey Webster should also be able to go, but he too is listed as questionable. It’s hard to get too excited about that, but who knows? Maybe he’ll give us our best shot at slowing down the 6-4 Marques Colston.

–Also on the injury front, it appears that Derrick Ward was rushed back from his foot injury and has re-aggravated it, rendering him out for the year. At this point, it’s hard to fathom why we wouldn’t just stick Sinorice Moss back there and tell him to run as fast as he can. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen? We’re 7-7, and the bottom has already fallen out of the season. If he fumbles and costs us the game, at least we went down trying to do something. And if he aggravates his thigh injury, he’ll have the whole off-season to recover. I mean, Jesus, Tom. Why not?

Aside from kick returns, why haven’t we been making more of an effort to incorporate Sinorice into the offense? By now, it’s been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Tim Carter is a cipher in the starting flanker role (he’s basically out of chances, don’t you think?), so why not stick in the second round draft pick with blazing speed and playmaking ability, who can make things happen across the middle? We might have a playmaker in Sinorice, and we’re sitting on him. It doesn’t make sense.