During the off-season, we signed Texans FB Vonta Leach to an offer sheet in an attempt to upgrade at fullback, but the Texans matched the offer and forced us to settle on Finn. At the time, I didn’t quite understand why we were so eager to replace our fullback since 2003 who did an outstanding job blocking for Tiki and had always looked pretty good catching the ball as well – I mean, Tiki’s accomplishments over the past few years must have had something to do with Finn, right?

But the thinking behind our souring on Finn, which is alluded to by Mike Garafolo in his piece in today’s Star-Ledger, seems logical enough: The Giants felt that Finn wasn’t physical enough to block for straight-ahead, downhill runners like Jacobs and Droughns. For guys like the running backs we have now, you want a fullback to be able to just blast through a hole and clear a path.

And Finn wasn’t that guy; rather, he was a quick, finesse type blocker whose abilities perfectly suited Tiki’s unique improvisational style. Finn was quick enough to get to a spot and put his body in front of the defender; even if he couldn’t out-physical that defender, Tiki could read Finn’s block (along with everything else happening in front of him) and make the appropriate cut. But, as will be evident at many points throughout the season, Jacobs and Droughns are not much like the one-of-a-kind Teekster.

Now Finn’s gone for the year – his days as a Giant are almost certainly numbered and even if he tries to come back from the most recent of his three shoulder operations that has left him with severe arthritis, he may never play football again. Football is a cold world, and like many of his peers, Finn will quickly be forgotten by most. But NYGMen thanks Jim Finn for playing a vital role in the three best seasons Giants fans have ever seen from a running back, and wishes him good luck in the future.


The pressing issue for Jerry Reese now is to replace Finn. Our best in-house option, evidently, is a fellow named Robert Douglas. Douglas has never suited up for an NFL game and has been released four times since he first reported to an NFL camp in 2005, so it would seem like an upgrade should be in order here.

There are a number of fullbacks not currently on rosters who have starting experience in the NFL, including William Henderson, Chris Hetherington, Bryan Johnson, Daimon Shelton, and Jerald Sowell. Another possibility is that we could trade for a guy currently on a roster.

Who knows, but expect Jerry Reese to make some sort of move, if not before camp than after. Douglas may be perfectly capable, but why take the chance? I’d be much more comfortable with a known quantity here.