With his soul having been thoroughly searched, Michael Strahan is coming back for at least another season in Big Blue (and hopefully one or two more after that without this ridiculous bullshit.)

It couldn’t have come a moment too soon, and in fact, probably came around a week too late: Are they just gonna bump Justin Tuck out of the Week 1 starting lineup in favor of a guy who has but a week of practice under his belt? Probably not, which means it would have been nice if he had come to camp just a little bit earlier.

But I’m sure it won’t take him too long to get back to being the Strahan of old. Remember: he’s been injury prone the past three years, but he really hasn’t lost any effectiveness at all. By Week 2, this ridiculousness will be 90 percent forgotten about and we’ll have a pretty sick defensive end trio (threesome?) in Strahan, Osi, and Tuck.

They’ll all play, too: apparently, one of the many reasons for Strahan’s holdout is that his feelings were hurt after Reese told him he wanted to rotate him out on some plays in favor of Tuck.

So welcome back, Mike. We’re gonna need you. Now strap it on and let’s play ball.