If you are like me, you have been watching your Giant collection over the past 20 years. Now, some of these are not available anymore and some you have to fire up the old VCR to watch them. Yet if you can get your hands on them, by all means watch them.

  1. Giants Among Men – The 1986 hightlight film is the grandaddy of them all. The hour long tape takes you back to the ’86 season with highlights of all the games and a look back at the ’30s and ’50s. Plus the classic NFL Films music makes this a must watch
  2. True Blue – The 1990 highlight film gives you an insight into that magical season – also my favorite Giants team.
  3. The History of the NY Giants – This two disk DVD is readily available and should be watched if you want to know about the days of Steve Owen, Mel Hein, Frank Gifford and Charlie Connerly. Also it gives you a look into the past few decades, something that hasn’t really been documented. The film ends right before Tom Coughlin took power.
  4. America’s Greatest Games: Super Bowl XXI: This is a must watch, just because Bill Parcells, Phil Simms and LT are extremely funny. It only costs 2 bucks to download on Amazon and iTunes, so you can start your Giant collection right now. To me it’s a must just to hear Simms talk about how Parcells cursed at him on the sidelines and LT talking about the “ass-whoopings” he gave some teams.
  5. America’s Greatest Games: Super Bowl XXV: Also good, but not as funny as O.J. Anderson, Carl Banks, Jeff Hostetler are interviewed. But interesting to hear Banks say that the plan in the Super Bowl was to allow the Bills to run the ball and take away the pass. It’s also available on Amazon and iTunes.  

So there you have them. Maybe a win on Sunday will give us more films on the Giants.