lots to talk about, as I write this from the Prudential Center. The Giants have been working every day pretty hard and according to people down in Arizona, really haven’t taken anything for granted.

As the game approaches, you will proably see more of a lockdown mode for both teams, where less and less info comes out.

But that’s to be expected. The Giants and Pats are well coached and will be concentrating on the win rather than happy to be there.

To me, though, the key to the game will be how the Giants defensive line handles the Pats offensive line, because if the front four can get pressure on Tom Brady and shut down the run to an extent, it will be a game.

My guy says that will happen.

Also Tom Coughlin has to come up with something new to show the Pats, just to keep them off-guard. A couple of trick plays and maybe some new defensive formations at the right time will help.

But that’s a topic for tommorrow as the Giants prepare for the Super Bowl. Should be fun!!!