Here’s Gary Myers’s take.

There obviously are no guarantees. He has come up empty in the last five hiring cycles. Coaches with far less impressive resumes in their first jobs have received second chances. Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick, who met in the Super Bowl 10 days ago, were each fired from their first job without making it to the Super Bowl.

Ten of the 32 current head coaches are on at least their second job, and of those, only Mike Holmgren made it to the Super Bowl in his first job.

Fassel deserves another chance, although it’s clear that if GMs around the league believed he was the answer, somebody would have hired him by now. He interviewed twice with the Redskins in Washington and once at the Super Bowl in Phoenix and it appeared that the only reason Snyder had not made it official was because he wanted to talk to Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo after the Super Bowl.

And when Spagnuolo removed himself from consideration Thursday after 28 hours of interviews, the job surely belonged to Fassel. Then he was blindsided Saturday when Snyder promoted offensive coordinator Jim Zorn, whom he had just hired Jan.26 off Holmgren’s staff in Seattle.


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