I don’t understand why Fassel doesn’t have another head coaching job in the NFL. But I do understand a clown with a clown like Dan Snyder calling the shots down in DC, why Jim Zorn and not Fassel is now the head coach.

Paul Schwartz of the Post spoke with Fassel about this.

Maybe Jim Zorn evolves into a wonderful head coach, and in a year or two Redskin owner Dan Snyder is waxing poetic about his choice.

But there is little doubt the Redskins, with Jim Fassel calling the shots, would have been a far more dangerous opponent for the Giants, just as there is no doubt Snyder screwed up the process and did not hire the right man for the job.

“I know Dan Snyder likes me as a coach,” Fassel said yesterday in a phone conversation with The Post. “I’m greatly disappointed, because I thought it was the right fit and I thought I could work well with Dan.”

For the second time, Snyder left Fassel at the coaching altar. Back in 2004, Fassel, immediately after he was fired by the Giants after seven interesting and often successful seasons, nearly got right back on the coaching carousel.

Read all about it in the Post.