Newsday columnist Shaun Powell writes a good column on Super Bowl hero David Tyree.

Yes, if you’re David Tyree, you instinctively throw up your hands and rest them in disbelief on your head, even if the football, once famously stuck in between, is suspiciously missing.

“God is good,” Tyree said.

Right after the Giants’ victory parade, he flew cross- country and made the national talk show circuit here in the city famous for making folks famous. During a short rest between takes, Tyree took time to count his blessings, of which there are many.

Years ago, he traded his past, which included an arrest for marijuana possession, for religion and changed his life. He lost his mother during the recent holidays, but he and his wife expect to welcome twin girls next month. And no matter where his football career goes from here, he’ll live forever in Super Bowl lore because of a catch that to this day defies logic.

“I haven’t even returned all the calls I’ve gotten from people,” he said while getting a few strokes of makeup. “I’m a little backed up.”

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