Linebacker Antonio Pierce was written up for animal neglect after his two pit bulls got out and one was underweight.

Giants middle linebacker Antonio Pierce was served with a sum mons yesterday for animal neglect based on the condition of one of two pitbulls that escaped from his Monroe Township home days be fore the Super Bowl.

The Middlesex County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a quasi-law enforcement group that investigates animal abuse cases, issued the lone municipal court complaint. Walt Mychal chyk, chief of the agency, said the neglect charge carries a fine upon conviction, but he cautioned against any comparison with Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback sentenced to a 23-month prison term after a federal dogfighting conviction.

“This summons is for neglect. There is no pitbull fighting or any of that nonsense here,” said My chalchyk. “After the dogs got loose, we found that one was underweight and had a respiratory illness. The other one was fine.”

It was Jan. 30 when Monroe Township animal control officer Frank Faraone was notified of two loose dogs and rounded them up. Mychalchyk said it was unclear at the time whom the dogs belonged to, but further investigation determined that they were owned by Pierce and appeared to have escaped a fenced enclosure by pushing open or nosing under a gate.

Faraone took one dog to a local shelter, but notified the SPCA that the second dog appeared underweight. That dog was taken to a veterinarian, who determined that it suffered from a respiratory illness, said Mychalchyk.

“Both dogs are now in a kennel. They are back in his (Pierce’s) cus tody, but he has them in a kennel,” said Mychalchyk. “I checked on them the other day, and both dogs are doing well.

The whole story is at, but I am going to cut Pierce some slack on this. The person taking care of the dogs is at fault here.