Giants GM Jerry Reese addressed the media at the Combine and spoke about other teams reactions to the Giants win.

“You get a lot of ‘atta boys’ and a lot of pats on the back,” Reese said of the reaction from his colleagues at the combine. “And you try to run from people so you can watch the players. Everybody is happy for us. It’s exciting to be on top in this environment right now. But you can’t keep patting yourself on the back. You have to move on and try to get ready for a new season.”

This is the first time since 2003 that Reese is not in charge of the Giants’ draft. Oh, he will have the final say in the draft room, as the general manager always does. But the nuts and bolts of draft preparation now fall to Ross, who was named to his position after Reese ran last year’s draft.

Reese’s many other duties as G.M. prevented him from being as immersed in the draft-eligible players as he normally is at this time of year.

“It’s a little different for me,” Reese said. “Last year I knew everybody here. This time I haven’t been able to go out and see players like I usually do. But I’ll catch up before April. I’ll know who they are, and I’ll catch up. But it’s a little different going in and not knowing the guys like I knew them last year. I knew everyone in the building last year. So it’s a little different for me.”

But that doesn’t mean Reese is detached from the process. Quite the contrary. Reese attended the organizational draft meetings prior to the combine. And before the draft begins on April 26, Reese will be as familiar with the names on the board as he always is.

“I’m a scout – I was raised as a scout,” said Reese, who joined the Giants organization as – what else? – a scout in 1994. “Once a scout, always a scout. You always have that in your blood. In the pre-draft meetings after we got back from Arizona, just to be kind of out of the loop and watch Marc Ross run the meetings – he did a tremendous job running the meetings and the scouts did a nice job catching up right after the Super Bowl. But it was a weird feeling sitting in the room and not controlling the draft.”

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