Gui Buck:

While I appreciate your original take and empathize with your Thursday morning boredom, I disagree with your argument.

First of all, even though the incident where Plax’s wife called the cops was first reported when Plax was suspended, it actually occurred over the summer.  So it doesn’t seem like domestic problems were the cause of the missed meeting or treatment, though who the hell really knows?  And while I agree that employees – athletes included – should be cut a little slack in extreme cases of domestic problems, why do you assume his antics this year are as a result of this?  To me, these incidents are a continuation of the chronic disrespect for authority that has resulted in 40-50 fines during his Giants career.

I also disagree that Tom’s taking too hard a line.  You seem to be suggesting that the Giants escalated things when they sat him on Sunday.  I think Plax escalated the situation by missing the treatment.  Coming off the suspension, that was basically a big “Fuck You” to Coughlin and his rules – Plax basically forced Tom’s hand on this one.

But I hear your overall point: Because Plax is, in the end, a solid enough teammate and because this seems like a manageable enough situation, it’s incumbent on Coughlin to play it tactfully.  If they can, they should go out of their way not to embarrass Plax, lest the Proud Man react the wrong way.  But if Plax is gonna keep asking for it, Tom has no choice.  As he wrote in his book, A Team to Believe In, “I don’t fine players.  Players fine themselves.”

Also, this is football.  If you hate regimentation and rules so much, you’re free to make your living elsewhere.  We just gave the guy a new contract – all we ask is that he doesn’t completely blow off the rules.


According to Mike Garafolo’s article, Wade Phillips said his team will double-team Plax this Sunday, just like they did for at least those last two games last year (after Plax torched them in the season opener.)  You have to think that announcing the coverage schemes is nothing but a bit of gamesmanship by Phillips – what possible advantage it might confer, however, I don’t know.

According to Mike Garafolo’s article, Plax has been being double-teamed all season, which explains his sub-par numbers – he’s averaging 35.5 yards per game over the last four games.

So while Plax is struggling to get untracked, it doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t been a crucial part of our attack this year.  Quibble with Plax’s numbers all you want, but there should be no issues with our overall passing attack.