A lot hinges on Sunday’s game for the Redskins, writes Jake Williams, my freshman year college roommate, who introduces us to some key Redskins and spouts some serious cynicism about his Dan Snyder-owned team.


On the Sunday morning sidewalk,
Wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
’Cos there’s something in a Sunday,
Makes a body feel alone.

-Kris Kristofferson

I am nauseous Sundays in the Fall. For a time I thought it was the impending work week or bourbon Saturdays, but then I quit my job and whiskey to no remedy. The writing’s on the wall: I dread the Redskins.

I imagine on some level New York fans can relate. But with the Knicks courting Bron Bron and Bosh, it’s possible that 5 NY teams will soon be contenders. As a Washington sports fan, all I have is the Redskins. And more times than not, they’ve disappointed me.

I was too young to appreciate Gibbs’ glory. I do remember very well, however, the bad teams that followed. The recent return to quasi-prominence has done little to disassociate this franchise with failure. This year is the same. Much promise after the Dallas and Philly wins, but not a good game since.

So I am terribly excited and anxious about Sunday. If we win, we could be the 2008 version of the Giants, propelled late in the season to greatness (I’m two bourbons deep as I write this sentence). But if we lose, let there be no doubt, we are unlikely to make the playoffs.

For those who have not watched the Skins frequently this season, I offer my take on several players of prominence:

Jason Campbell: Needs to take more risks. His interception-less streak was admirable, but was also a result of him checking down too often. Even on 3rd and 10 he’ll throw it 4 yards. It’s maddening.

Clinton Portis: My favorite Redskin and, as Aikman points out incessantly, an incredible blocker. Doesn’t have the burst of speed a lot of elite backs have, but makes up for it by being straight gangster.

Santana Moss: Worst hands for a big play receiver other than Braylon Edwards. He’s a stud #2 wide out or a very mediocre 1. Please God let Kelly or Thomas be legit.

Chris Cooley: Overrated. But I’m probably just jealous.

London Fletcher: My second favorite Redskin. A little ball of fury. London’s calling.

Sean Springs: Gets injured more than Greg Oden. Which is weird because he doesn’t tackle.

Sean Taylor: Let us remember that S.T. had the potential to be a great football player. There has been no one I’ve seen who hit people as hard. Not even close. I imagine it was what watching L.T. was like, although as mentioned I don’t remember the 80s.

Jim Zorn: A for effort. C for execution.

So on the whole as much bad as good, and this has been one of our better teams. But, in this year of hope, I offer the following possibility: Michael Vick, the Wildcat offense, and the Washington Redskins in 2009.