Regardless of what happens with the legal process, I think Plax has exhausted his chances with the Giants.  To give him another one would be to play the part of the enabling fool, and would give the impression that his actions – not just in this latest incident, but all year – are acceptable.

They aren’t.  I’ve tried to defend Plax for the past few months, referring to his antics as “manageable.”  This argument no longer holds.  The accumulation of bullshit is too much to overlook.  He has to go.

The Giants organization has always prided itself on its moral uprightness.  Sure, this is a bit of a fairy tale – see LT, LT, and LT – but you’d like to think there is a grain of truth to that.  Now is the time for the Giants to step up and prove it.

That said, I’m sympathetic to the argument that what Plax did doesn’t necessarily make him such a bad guy.  Clearly, he’s not the only athlete bringing a loaded gun into a club.  Just as clearly, there’s some sort of cultural difference at play here, so it’s not entirely fair to judge him by the standards of my culture.

But that’s sort of the problem: The cultural standards that don’t judge Plax harshly for this are wrong.  Because even if he didn’t have malicious intentions, what he did Friday night – he was drinking while fiddling with a unsecured gun in his pants that evidently didn’t have adequate safety controls – was dangerous and uncondonable.  It’s up to the Giants, the NFL, and New York City to send that message loud and clear.  This means punishing Plax in a more severe way than he and many others might feel is warranted.

If Plax feels victimized here, I do have some sympathy. But there’s also a big part of me that says, “Tough shit.”  Throughout his Giants career, the guy has shown no respect for the rules everyone else abides by.  Despite the suspension earlier this year and the 50 slap-on-the-wrist fines, he has shown little contrition for repeated unacceptable behavior.

So the Giants should cut him quickly and in whatever way makes sense salary-cap wise.  The NFL should suspend him for the remainder of the season.  And Bloomberg should keep up his tough talk about punishing him to the full extent of the law.  Guns are some serious shit, and if Plaxico Burress has to pay the price so that people understand this, so be it.