Brad Van Pelt was before my time of G-Men fandom, but his premature death deserves attention on this blog nonetheless.  Football fans and commentators have short memories, so it’s always easy to forget the guys who starred during the lean years.

But Van Pelt had some distinguishing characteristics that cemented his place in Giants lore, two of which are highlighted by Bruce Weber in the Times obit, who wrote:

“He was especially recognizable on the field for two reasons: His rangy physique, unusual for a linebacker, and his uniform number, 10.  League rules usually reserved such low numbers for kickers and members of the backfield, but because he was listed as the Giants’ backup kicker when he was a rookie, the league allowed him to wear it for his entire tenure with the team.”

I would add one more attribute to this list: Van Pelt’s flowing blonde locks and captain-of-the-football-team good looks, which leant the G-Men a little pizzazz during a dreary era.