If you’re the type of gambler who likes to throw your money down on a toss of the dice, then hooking up with online craps is right up your alley. But if you put more effort into your gambling, like knowing rosters, statistics, weather conditions, and other variables of live action, then you’re probably a sports-better and are wondering what on Earth is up with the G-Men here lately.

Sure, they squeaked past a decent Jacksonville team 24-20, but a 7-4 record isn’t what most expected when the Giants went on a tear earlier this year, decimating Seattle, Houston, Chicago and Dallas (round one).

For the past four weeks, New York has seemed a little more than vulnerable, and something has to give if the G-Men are looking to take down that division and make their way to the playoffs.

With five teams out of conference holding a record of 7-4 or better, there’s no guarantee at all that two playoff teams will come out of the NFC East. This means the Giants’ destiny is in their own hands going forward, and that their upcoming matchups with the Redskins, Eagles, Vikings and Packers are much more important now.

As things stand today, the Giants are 4:1 to win their division. Philly has the tiebreaker to date, and although the Giants play them again in week 15, there’s just nothing real to latch onto here to suggest that the Giants’ defense can contain Vick and the dynamic Eagles’ O.

Luckily for New York, the Eagles’ rematch is a game they can take their licks with, if they can manage to beat Washington in New York and then the Vikings at Minnesota.

However, that still boils down to the Eagles losing to either Houston or Dallas in their next two games.

Needless to say, the December 19 matchup might become a must-win for the Giants. And although it’s really too early to paint a realistic line, the Eagles will probably be favored in New York by a field goal.

Various sportsbooks and online casinos for USA players have the Giants favored by a touchdown against the Redskins this week. If they can pull this game off and win 4 of their last 5, an overall record of 11-5 is 5:4 to earn them a playoff berth. 10-6 – we’re looking at 3:1, as the Saints, Falcons, Bucs, Packers and Bears will all be vying for spots.

One thing that bodes well for New York is that the Eagles get Dallas twice in their remaining 5 games, and the now Garrett-led Cowboys are looking more explosive than ever.

If the Giants can split with Green Bay/Philly, and defeat the Vikings and the ‘Skins twice, a playoff spot should be automatic for the team, if not an outright division win.