January 2011

In NFL defensive football, an elite safety is the ultimate enforcer, whose three-fold mission remains to deliver punishment, force turnovers, and serve as the last line of defense to prevent the big play. In other words, the NFL safety is best described as a stark, raving lunatic. At defensive back, every snap is a do or die scenario -- where the safety man can either jump what appears to be a swing pass out in the flat for a loss, or get burnt deep on a wheel route for a 65-yard touch down.
The NFL Combine occurs every February in Indianapolis. Every year, NFL Draft hopefuls gather to perform a series of physical and mental tests in front of scouts from the teams. One of the drills used at the NFL Scouting Combine is called the 60-yard shuttle is similar to the 20-yard shuttle but with longer distances. It tests a player's speed, agility, conditioning and coordination. Here are the 5 best times in the 60-yard shuttle times. 1. Arman Shields - 10.87 (2008) Shields turned in a stellar time for this event at the 2008 NFL Combine.
In the history of the NFL, the combine has been the single-handedly biggest scouting tool that teams have used. One event at the combine is the vertical leap. Players jump from a standing position and try to get as high as possible. The NFL uses plastic flags hanging out from a pole as a measuring tool. The scouts look for how quick and how high the players are able to get off the ground. The following five players are the leaders in the vertical leap for the history of the NFL Combine.
We’re familiar with football's traditional stats – yards and yards per, sacks and tackles in...
With strong marketing, the Colts grab the top spot among teams that have cheerleading squads.
PITTSBURGH, Pa. - The Steel City can make a strong case for a new nickname.
During the NFL Combine, players will perform several tests, one of which is the vertical jump. The players will stand still then jump as high as they can, touching the markers that will determine how high they jumped. This test is an important one, as it will show how high a receiver or cornerback can jump to get a ball, and also for defensive lineman, how high they can jump to bat down a pass. Here are the top five highest vertical jumps since 2000.
At the NFL Combine, there's one event that steals the thunder and there's no denying that. The 40 yard dash reigns king, and many players have their draft position greatly affected by the event, whether it be positively or negatively. Take Darius Heyward-Bey for instance. It's doubtful that Heyward-Bey would have been drafted where he was (7 th overall by the Raiders) had he ran a slower 40 yard dash. Offensive linemen don't see their draft affected so much by the 40 yard dash, but to an extent the linemen in the NFL Combine do see some...
The NFL Scouting Combine occurs every February. It is one of the biggest events leading up to the NFL Draft. Scouts from the 32 NFL teams gather to evaluate tons of prospects. The prospects must go through a series of drills that test their mental and physical ability. Many athletes are able to turn their performance at the NFL Combine in to a higher draft pick. One drill used at the NFL Combine is the bench press drill. Athletes are tested on how many reps of 225 pounds they can do.
All in all, I consider myself rather lucky to be a fan of the New York football Giants. All three of the team's Super Bowl victories have occurred during my lifetime and, because of this, I've been fortunate enough to see some of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl history. The five Super Bowl moments listed below are not necessary the greatest in the history of the Giants. They're simply ones that I immediately think of when remembering the (thus far) three Super Bowl victories.

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