It’s not exactly difficult  for one to correlate NFL players with getting arrested. While some experts may argue that the commonly held belief that pro football players have frequent problems with the law is a myth, good luck convincing the public that all football players are law abiding angles.

Sorry boys, OJ Simpson kind of ruined it for the rest of you.

According to a recent article in Christian Science Monitor, Dan Lebowitz, executive director of Northeastern University’s center for Sport in Society says, “[Professional athletes] are in the public eye and their profile is extremely high. We are talking about very young people with a lot of public scrutiny, and some handle it better than others.” If the destructive combination of high pressure, youthful mischief, and large paychecks weren’t enough obstacles, pro athletes based in New York have a whole other set of issues. In just the past five years, there have been a whopping 1,635,279 arrests in New York. With a climbing crime rate, these New York NFL players have a tough time staying out of trouble.

Here are three Giants players with some pretty shocking crimes on their arrest records.


1) Linebacker Michael Boley

Giants linebacker Michael Boley made headlines when he was arrested on charges of child abuse just three days after being cut from the organization. The 31-year-old former linebacker agreed to a deal with prosecutors, according to initial reports. In exchange for a guilty plea, he was ordered to enroll in a pre-trial diversion program and once completed, charges would be dropped. The charges alleged physical abuse of one of Boley’s six children.

Surprisingly, the incident was not Boley’s first brush with the law. In 2008, he was arrested and charged with battery of his wife, Chantelle.


2) Defensive End Jeremiah Parker

Jeremiah Parker received more notoriety for his criminal record than for his short-lived stint as an NFL defensive end. Parker only played four games with the NY Giants before he was released in 2000 for “personal problems.”

Three years later in 2003, Parker was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the death of his ex-girlfriend’s 4-year-old son. Parker was ultimately convicted of endangering the welfare of a child in the second degree. The same jury also acquitted him of the first and second degree manslaughter changes that the prosecution was pushing for. According to reports, Parker would punish the 4-year-old boy by locking him in a refrigerator, and violently whipping him with a belt. Prosecutors argued the boy suffered from months of abuse before he died in 2001.


3) Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress

In a rather embarrassing legal slip up, Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg at a nightclub — not a good look for a professional football player. Is it still considered a violent offense when you accidentally victimize yourself? Burress was charged with attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

While Burress’ legal snafu occurred a few years ago, once this ambitious wide receiver was out on parole, he got right back into professional sports. At 35, Buress now plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In an unexpected turn of events, this heat packing pro baller just announced that he is now a luxury sock designer. Click here if you don’t believe me.

More To Come

Pro athletes making bad decisions is certainly nothing new. Last month, Lions receiver Titus Young was arrested three times in one week! Tales of celebrities falling from grace are sure to keep making headlines and captivating readers. While some of these stories are little more than hyped up celeb bashing, the athletes listed above did some truly horrible things, and deserve to be called out for their atrocious behavior. There’s a difference between mean-spirited voyeurism and justifiably exposing a dangerous individual.

Let’s hope none of our children are staring up at a Michael Boley poster on their wall, wanting to be just like him.

Jessica Ruane is a San Diego Chargers fan. She blogs about crime, family, and personal safety for online companies. Check out her favorite Twitter feed to learn some cool safety tips!