While fans of the New York Giants may have ended the 2012 on a sad note as their team lost the division championship to the Washington Redskins, hope is renewed as a new season is about to start. Fans have been waiting with anticipation to see if star wide receiver Victor Cruz would be signing on for the new season. With his decision to stay with the teams fans can now rest easy as one of the league’s best is staying. Despite Cruz’s signing, the Giants who have traditionally had one of the best defenses may be a bit weak when the season begins due to other players leaving and injuries.

The first regular season game for the Giants will be against division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. Playing in Dallas, sportsbooks are favouring the Cowboys to win over the Giants. Currently the odds are such that a $100 bet on the Giants could result in a payout of $115. On the flip side, a winning bet for the Cowboys will cost $105 and yield a profit of $100. Many Giants fan remain loyal to their team and place their bets on them to win. Typically in the past, New York has been a favourite over the Giants; however, their questionable defensive line pushed the scales back in favour of the Cowboys.

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