In most instances, 0-3 is pretty much a death sentence in the NFL. But this year's group of 0-3 teams is very interesting. There are six 0-3 teams, and only one is completely hopeless. Of the other five, someone is going to make a serious run back up these power rankings. But which one? It's still hard to envision Pittsburgh bottoming out. Not with that coaching staff, that cast of veterans, a good quarterback and a solid defense. Minnesota and Washington were in the playoffs last year, so there's talent on both squads. The Vikings probably should have won at Chicago two weeks ago. Minnesota's loss to the Browns last week was disheartening, but maybe there's a comeback somewhere here. In Tampa Bay, it's hard to hear a heartbeat with the Buccaneers, but this is still a good defense, quarterback Josh Freeman has been good before (I know, it's hard to remember that long ago) and included in their 0-3 record are two horrible late losses including a game they gave away to a very good Saints team. But if you're picking one 0-3 team to rise from the dead, isn't it the Giants? Yeah, I know the flaws. The pass rush is not what it was, the running game has gone belly up, that was a horrendous outing at Carolina last week ... I get all that. But you shouldn't be ready to totally write them off yet. Tom Coughlin is a good coach. Eli Manning is a good quarterback with good weapons. They've turned in stink bomb performances before, and while it's hard to say why, it's just what they do. As bad as it looks for the Giants, I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them. Someone among the 0-3 teams is going to make a charge. It won't be Jacksonville. It's hard to completely rule out any of the other five, however. And now, onto the power rankings with three weeks in the books:
COMMENTARY | On the eve of the NFL season, if someone had said a New York team would fall victim to woeful quarterback play, a questionable pass rush, no semblance of a running game, and a shaky offensive line, you'd likely shake your head and say, Well, that's the New York Jets.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Cam Newton tried to tell everyone who would listen last week that the Carolina Panthers were much better than an 0-2 team.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Perhaps this is the week for Eli Manning to get back on track.
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After some consideration, I couldn't bring myself to move Denver ahead of Seattle for the top spot in this week's power rankings. The Broncos have played well, but how can you deny the Seahawks the top spot after what they did to the 49ers on Sunday night? Many people freaked out about the Seahawks after they beat Carolina in Week 1, but it's tough to travel three time zones and win a NFL road game. Then they absolutely proved their worth by dismantling the 49ers 29-3 on Sunday night. That Seattle defense is nasty. The Seahawks are the best team in football right now. But the Broncos aren't far behind. Denver has dominated each of the last two Super Bowl champs, Baltimore and the Giants, the past two weeks. The Broncos look strong in all phases. Potentially losing left tackle Ryan Clady to a foot injury for a chunk of the season (maybe all of it) is a big blow, but right now this is clearly the class of the AFC. Seattle will have to continue to play at a very high level, as it did on Sunday night, to keep holding off the Broncos for that top spot.
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- Surrounded by five Giants greats, Bill Parcells was given his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring at halftime of Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and New York.
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- Giants center David Baas will make his regular-season debut against the Broncos after hurting his knee in the preseason.
Linebacker has neck injury
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- After overcoming two major knee surgeries in the past two years, Terrell Thomas might be facing his biggest challenge.

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